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Giving and Receiving


Sounds like a typical topic for the holidays, doesn't it? My mom would say, "True, it's better to give than to receive," one of many aphorisms in her trove of the tired, hackneyed and predictable.

I mean, we all believe that giving is more affirming than receiving, don't we?  It's just something we take for granted, and it seems pointless to keep repeating those words.

Besides, it's right in line with our innate sense of charity. That's the reason we give to food banks and the homeless and other worthy causes. We understand the need, we know we are fortunate enough to give, and we know it's the moral thing to do.

No need to remind ourselves, right?

Then explain to me please why congress doesn't get it. Did they not have mothers to teach them? Why at every turn is the House of Representatives insistent on playing Scrooge to the Tiny Tim's of our populace? You know, the 16 million or so who need work they can't find, and the tens of millions who aren't quite unemployed enough to count, the working poor with three part-time jobs and still not making a living.

Recently I read a blog post by Robert Reich:

Take a look; it's well worth a read. In it, Reich tries to answer my question. His conclusion? It's not the Tea Party per se, but the right wing of the Tea Party: white southern radicals. They are the most vocal advocates of "no government."

That's why they say "No" at each opportunity.

The point of Reich's article is that we need a balanced government with both Democratic and Republican parties. The Tea Party radical right has undermined the Republicans' ability to do their part, even in the party leadership.

Reich points out, "Speaker John Boehner... keeps making agreements he can't keep, [and] Majority Leader Eric Cantor...keeps making trouble he can't control."

So, what would I tell Mr. Reich?

Robert (or is it Bob), it's easy to point to the Tea Party Republicans and say they are heartless hacks. I agree. But "we the people" elected them, so saying you and I had nothing to do with it would be a copout. We each may think we voted for reasonable legislators, but we have allowed our government to become subordinated to the will of these nay-sayers.

Personally, I'm tired of listening to the minority left and the minority right squabble over who gets what. It's time for the majority center to speak out. We need to say, "Stop fighting like children over Christmas toys. Share what you have. And for goodness sake, compromise."

Our mothers taught us right from wrong, to treat others the way we want to be treated. 
Have we forgotten?

As for the Tea Party boys and girls, I think next November we should send them to their rooms with no dinner. That's what Mama Bear says.


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