Taking Flight…Again

Winter approaches and it’s time to get back to writing. Been a while. That’s okay, because sometimes you can’t think of what to write next, or life and other challenges get in the way.


Then there are the changes you don’t expect, but they come anyway. That’s the latest thing, my best novel has come home. Yes, the rights to Taking Flight have reverted to me, the author. My former publisher, Pink Fish Press, has had to close its business due to the owner’s health. I wish her the best and as much of a recovery as her body will allow.



It’s been some time since Taking Flight has had a Kindle free promotion, so that’s next. I’ll be setting it up soon, and hope it will re-kindle some interest (pardon the pun).



I’m also kicking around the possibility of writing a sequel. It seems to me that Taking Flight has left a widow who, after devoting years to her husband’s care, is now free to start over. Or maybe not. Losing a spouse is more than one discrete event. Death takes away the physical, but leaves the memories and retains the feeling that the departed is still present, not ghostlike, but part of you. 

Losing takes time.